Who's Who


Scott Mckinnon

Scott joined the club as an innocent young fresher but it didn’t take long for EUSDC to draw a bit of the crazy out of him and soon he was frequently seen blazing a path to the Hive. His commitment on and off the drinking field is unbeatable and Scott is frequently seen staring forlornly at the grey skies at Cark
His pint downing skills and unerring ability to always be wherever the drink was flowing soon got him on the clubs hit list for committee. The next time your Mum tells you that drinking will never get you anywhere you can now prove her wrong!


Amy Meadows

Amy, Amy, Amy.. what can I say. Bright, bubbly and definitely blond and that’s why we love her! If there was ever a person who needed to be covered in Velcro and have all of her possession stuck to her so she couldn’t lose them Amy is the prime candidate. Maybe throw a GPS and a map of UK train stations in there as well so she doesn’t get left on the platform or accidently catch a train home to Manchester instead of to the dropzone again.
Since we pried her away from George Street and showed her the cheap, sticky, sacred dance floor of the Hive its been hard to get her off it. So if you want a good night out, with a little bit of getting lost on the way Amy is the one to follow!


Emma Dennis


Emma joined the club as a sweet faced fresher last year, but it didn’t take us long to see her wild side! Her dedication to getting qualified really set her apart last year, not to mention her wicked funny sense of humour. Her continual presence at the drop zone has given Emma a brill knowledge of the sport (and the local drinking spots), and we are sure her organizational skills will lead her to be a fantastic treasurer for the coming year.

Social Sec

Munro Kellock & Ivana Ostojic


Don’t be fooled by the sweet face, Ivana definitely knows how to party!! Acting as one half of our wild social team, Ivana will be the one to lead you to all of our favourite watering holes, and will certainly be seen throwing some shapes in Hive. She was quickly indoctrinated in our ways, and hasn’t looked back since. If you’re looking for a great night out with the assurance of some hilarity thrown in, Ivana is definitely your lady.

Munro is the second half to our social team, and this boy sure knows how to party! Whether its introducing us all to drinking games at the drop zone, or tearing up the floor in Hive, Munro has it covered. This boy is always eager to have a good weekend away with the club, and his willingness to talk to anyone and everyone really brings the club together and ensures everyone has a brilliant weekend.

Publicity and Alumni

Loren Campbell

Chatty, smart, and questionable at landings- all the components of a good EUSDC member! As a new member to the club last year, Loren was scouted as one of the good ones from early on for her top- notch social skills and willingness to participate in all of our antics. She’s a great gal to have on our team and will be ever willing to help out any of the new members, be it with questions about the club or directions to the nearest pub.