Why sponsor us?

Skydiving is a fantastic sport that attracts people from all walks of life. It is great for encouraging both personal improvement and the development of team skills. Our club has a long history of producing successful skydivers, many of whom have gone on to compete and win in international competitions. Their accomplishments are detailed on the Achievements page.

As a club, we want to be able to offer the same great opportunities given to our alumni to as many new members as possible. However, we can currently only cater to a fraction of the Edinburgh University students interested in skydiving. Many are deterred by the cost of the sport. We aim to change this with your help and sponsorship. Our club goal is to give every student the same opportunity to experience and excel in skydiving, regardless of their financial situation. This is possible with your gracious support.

What are we looking for?

• Funding to subsidise transport and kit hire costs for new members
• Funding to allow us to offer discounted skydiving jump tickets as incentives for club members who are newly or nearly qualified skydivers
• Financial support to help pay annual maintenance costs for existing club equipment
• Funding for new club equipment which would allow more of our experienced skydivers to compete in skydiving competitions more often

What can we do for you?

Bronze Sponsorship (£500 - £1000)
• Your company name and logo on our website, Facebook page and all club promotions
• Your company logo on all of our club’s team wear

Silver Sponsorship (£1000 - £1500)
• Promotion of your company, using any merchandise you can provide us with, on dropzones in the UK and abroad and at Edinburgh University
• Photos and videos of skydiving jumps displaying your company logo and using any of your company merchandise possible
• Includes all Bronze Sponsorship benefits

Gold Sponsorship (£1500 - £2000)
• Organised promotional events at dropzones and at Edinburgh University to advertise your company
• Includes all Bronze and Silver Sponsorship benefits

Platinum Sponsorship (Price of new parachute system varies)
• Your company name and logo on a new parachute and complete parachute system. A complete parachute system typically has a lifetime of about 15 years. Your company will be advertised on many thousands of skydiving jumps and at many international skydiving competitions on dropzones around the world. We will promote your company from 15,000ft every time we jump!
• Includes all other Sponsorship benefits

If your company is interested in sponsoring skydiving and the Edinburgh University Skydiving Club please contact us for further details at skydiving@ed.ac.uk