Our Dropzone


Our home dropzone is Cark (Skydive Northwest), based in Cumbria. It has a great student atmosphere, and on a good weather day you can see amazing views of the Lake District and Morecambe Bay from altitude. It also boasts the mighty PAC; a 16-seater plane that gets to 14,500ft in 15 minutes. A club minibus goes down most weekends, but you can also carpool down or go to the local train station which is well within walking distance of the dropzone.

Check out Cark @ http://www.skydivenorthwest.co.uk/


We also enjoy going to Langar (British Parachute Schools) in Nottinghamshire. It is a great come-and-go dropzone with lots of coaching resources for all disciplines. Also there, AirSupply offers a full equipment gear store and equipment servicing facility on the airfield, to keep us looking like snazzy snazzy skydivers.

Check out Langar @ http://www.bpslangar.co.uk/


Further afield, we have Skydive Hibaldstow in Lincolnshire. Host of the British National Championships, and home to many world class skydiving teams, Hib is a firm favourite for team training and fun jumping alike. Experiences of a charity skydiver at Hibaldstow: “ I did my first charity tandem skydive a few weeks ago and found it to be both the scariest and most exciting experience I have ever had. It all started as an idea to raise money for a charity, our local hospice. So a group of 3 of us got together and booked our jump at a dropzone near to York. We heard they were a good place to go and were recommended the tandem skydiving course. After being kitted up, we took off in a small aircraft. The countryside was flat, so I could see all the way to the coast. Before I knew it, the door opened and I found myself climbing out of the airplane. Freefall isn’t as bad you think, it feels like a gentle floating sensation, but that doesn’t stop it being a massive adrenaline rush! After around a minute, the instructor opened the parachute to my relief and I could finally relax. He navigated us back to the centre where my family were waiting with cameras in hand. I can’t recommend this enough, go for it!”