Current Members

JJ Beesley-Edgar: 35 jumps, A licence
Rowan Border: 42 jumps, A licence, FS1
Collin Campbell: 40 jumps, A licence, FS1
Alienor Cros: 24 jumps, A licence
Stephen Glenfield: 43 jumps, A licence, FS1
Hassan Hosseini: 35 jumps, A licence
Anna Storrie: 90 jumps, B licence
Amy Meadows: 5 jumps, RAPS student
Rico Ha: 5 jumps, RAPS student
Scott Mckinnon: 8 jumps, RAPS student
Romane Allanson: 2 jumps, RAPS student
Neil Paterson: 19 jumps, A licence
Ryan Treadwell: 1 jump, RAPS student
Hellin Robinson: 1 jump, RAPS student
Jack Louth: 2 jump, RAPS student
Margarita Skarkou: 1 jump, RAPS student
Lewis Moar: 1 jump, RAPS student
Roberto Soto: 1 jump, RAPS student
Katya Sergienko: 1 jump, RAPS student
Frances Taylor: 1 jump, RAPS student


Ewan Cowie: 1600+ jumps, AFFI, FF and FS coach. Some medals. Silver in VFS 2013
Rod Fairweather: 100-way UK freefall formation record 1999
Johnny Flowers: 980 jumps, C licence, FS1, JM1, CH1, CH2, BPA FS Coach, member of Eclipse 4-Way Team
George Glass: 287, C-License, JM1, CH2, FS1, International Bodyflight Association Flyer Level 3 (Belly), 8-way demo team (FS) and Co-organiser 20-way indoor flat formation world record - Indoor Skydiving World Championships - iFly Singapore
Stephanie Heron: A licence
Chris Judd: Gold in 8-way intermediate 2013
Calum Macleod: A licence
Ally Milne: 6000 Jumps, AFFI/TANDEM/CSI, Freefly/Formation Skydiving/CH/CP Coach, European and UK Record Holder, Silver Medal at BPA Nationals 2012, Silver in VFS 2013,
Ruth Morrison: Bronze in 8-way senior 2013
Lydia Pauley: A licence
Evelina Overlingate: 77 jumps, B licence
Lucy Westgarth: 180 jumps, B licence, FS1, FF1, Member of ESL British Skydiving Team